Tristan97 Funpack contains 47 Songs



Title Artist Subtitle Credit Banner Date
A Cruel Angel's Thesis (TV Size) 高橋洋子 Neon Genesis Evangelion OP Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:23
Afrono's OP RZA (from Afro Samurai) DinglesBerry 2017-10-09 03:26:23
Black Lotus wa. from BOFU 2016 Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:23
Chainsaw Family Force 5 (ft. Tedashii) Crank it! Crank it! Back!! Back!! Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:24
Colors Flow aka Tristan97's OG OP Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:24
Dam Dadi Do Fantasy Project Throwback to Nightcore Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:24
Don't say lazy K-on 16th trilly js and also minijack stuff Thirsty 2017-10-09 03:26:24
Electronic Slight of Hand Buckethead Really manageable quick js Carmelo 2017-10-09 03:26:24
Entangle Night DJ Sharpnel Less hs, more js, more rolls Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:24
Feel the O2JAM Beatiful Day (Rem. TAK) I'm Really Feelin' It! (ps it's not a scary hold chart) Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:24
Final Boss (Yoshi's Island) 近藤浩治 NM = Jacks only, HD = Jacks + Guitar Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:25
HEKIREKI LAST ALLIANCE Jacks Only Ver. Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:25
High Passage/Low Passage The Lord Weird Slough Feg 2017-10-09 03:26:25
Holy Orders S.S.H. S.S.H. Remix Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:25
INFINITY OVERDRIVE DecisionS Dingles + Tristan97 Collab Dingles/Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:26
Just Awake Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas Hunter x Hunter ED1 (For all your putxu needs) DinglesBerry 2017-10-09 03:26:26
Kazuma Kazuma Kazuma Megumin beginner=holds, normal=streams, hard=jumpstream, challenge=jack DinglesBerry 2017-10-09 03:26:26
Kyouran Hey Kids!! The Oral Cigarettes Noragami Aragoto OP, 32nd streamy dump DinglesBerry 2017-10-09 03:26:27
Love You Like A Love Song Selena Gomez Hi Mina Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:27
Masayume Chasing BoA Jack Append Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:27
Kirby Triple Deluxe - Masked Dedede Hirokazu Ando If I take that mask off, will you AA? Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:27
Lose Yourself M&M's aka Mom's Spaghetti DinglesBerry 2017-10-09 03:26:27
My Dearest supercell Guilty Crown OP 1 Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:28
Myosotis M2U feat.Guriri & Lucy(SQUARE-MUSIC) Oni has roll/hold minedodge w/ jacks YOU'VE BEEN WARNED Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:28
Nippontradamus The Living Tombstone Aka an anthem for DinglesBerry DinglesBerry 2017-10-09 03:26:28
No title Reol No subtitle DinglesBerry 2017-10-09 03:26:28
Trill God Eminem 'Fast Part' cut (Heavy = 24ths, Oni = 32nds, Edit = 48ths) DinglesBerry 2017-10-09 03:26:28
Ridley's Theme GaMetal GaMetal Arrangement Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:29
S_tre_am Tristan97 This was basically just a test of musescore conversion Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:29
Scramble 堀江由衣 School Rumble OP1 (aka Babby's 1st Handstream) Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:29
Soulja Baka Soulja Boy + Touhou Nobody asked for it but it's a fun 24th dump DinglesBerry 2017-10-09 03:26:29
THE TOP KEN BLAST [EUROBEAT INTENSIFIES] Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:29
The Everlasting Guilty Crown EGOIST Best Trainwreck Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:30
The Piano Before Cynthia Junichi Masuda Best Champion Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:30
Titanics Maneuver DJ Sharpnel Linked Horizon = Daddy (also hs galore) Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:30
Together As One DJ Sharpnel Super Comfortable Handstreams Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:30
Toki (Sound Piercer's Timesucker Remix) Sound Piercer Korea BMS Event 3rd Compilation Album 'innova-nation' Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:31
Tristan97's OP Tristan Davis Let's make some mischief. Elah 2017-10-09 03:26:31
TRY UNITE! Megumi Nakajima Hey, I recognize that song! Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:31
Twinkle Twinkle x1.2 Girl's Day Restep of SIN file Tristan97 edited from SIN 2017-10-09 03:26:31
Welcome to Bucketheadland Buckethead Buckets are weird but rock guitar is cool DinglesBerry 2017-10-09 03:26:31
Youmu's Theme ZUN / Touhou Scarlet Weather Rhapsody bursty streams DinglesBerry 2017-10-09 03:26:32
[Bonus]For Those That Played All Files See You Next Time Thank You For Playing Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:32
[Bonus] ???M??2? ??N?y???a?u??t?a??? ?T??a?g???a ????R???u????m???b?l??e Zero 2017-10-09 03:26:32
[] Kurt Heinecke Sorry for the sync difficulties I couldn't resist Tristan97 2017-10-09 03:26:32
Can Do (TV Size) GRANRODEO SC- Akashi 2017-10-09 03:26:32
The Lost Dedicated yst Learn your Rip ABCs 2017-10-09 03:26:33