Brigg Originals contains 7 Songs



Title Artist Subtitle Credit Banner Date
Fatal Duel Guilty Gear X Soundtrack 2017-04-23 18:22:20
Glorious Days Noria From IIDX 7th Style 2017-04-23 18:22:20
Graduation Be for U Full Version 2017-04-23 18:22:20
JET WORLD Mutsuhiko Izumi Full Version 2017-04-23 18:22:21
Love Love Sugar DJ Taka feat. Noria Full Pop'n Music Version 2017-04-23 18:22:21
Melodies of Life DWI By Brigg From the FF9 Soundtrack 2017-04-23 18:22:21
Starmine Ryu From IIDX 4th Style 2017-04-23 18:22:21